Welcoming Our New Board Members

September 10, 2019

Written by MassCOSH Intern Isabella Eisenhart
On June 8, MassCOSH’s worker center held elections for new board members, electing Fernando Chacon, Beatriz Yanez, and Mayra Molina. As part of MassCOSH’s bylaws, the worker center is able to elect members to the board directly to ensure the organization’s leadership best mirrors those who seek its services.

Chacon has been one of the most prominent members of the worker center. His support has been made clear by his perfect attendance for every rally and event organized by MassCOSH.
Yanez came to MassCOSH after she was injured on the job. Struggling with insurance, medical care, and an attempt by her employer to have her return to work before being fully healed, a friend referred Yanez to the worker center where she was able to find a lawyer to get her the compensation and care she needed. She was extremely grateful that MassCOSH educated her on her rights and how to best advocate for her needs. In return, she has become a dedicated member of MassCOSH, leading its Injured Workers and Sexual Harassment committees. 
Molina is working with MassCOSH in a campaign to prevent wage theft. MassCOSH helped teach Molina how to defend, organize, and fight for their rights. She found the worker center especially valuable because it offered her emotional support as well as advice and expertise about labor injustices. 
MassCOSH looks forward to the invaluable insight and leadership these new board members will bring to the organization.