Stepping Up to Help Our Members in Need

July 20, 2020

The pandemic has hit vulnerable workers hard, but none so much as undocumented workers. Just a few months ago, these workers played an essential role in our economy, laboring hard to clean our buildings, cook our food, sort our recycling, and other critical jobs. Without access to a government safety net to help recover wages or secure shelter, undocumented workers are in real danger of going hungry and becoming homeless.

In April, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, MassCOSH distributed $30,000 in cash assistance to MassCOSH worker center members in need. Now, MassCOSH has begun to aid members who are at risk of going hungry. Thanks to the Boston Mutual Health Group, a coalition of undocumented workers seeking to help each other during the pandemic, Worker Center Director Milagros Barreto and Worker Center Organizer Brenda Quintana have helped distribute hundreds of pounds of pantry goods to East Boston worker center members and others who are unable to afford food. The Worker Center has also played a major role in the Domestic Worker Coalition’s efforts to distribute groceries donated by the Salvation Army to undocumented neighbors in need.

MassCOSH has used these food distribution efforts to educate its members on COVID-19 safety precautions and to help organize workers who have been discriminated against for bringing up safety concerns at work.