Safe T

May 28, 2019

When you look up during your commute on an MBTA vehicle, instead of an advertisement seeking study participants who hate the way they look or to promote a local college, you may just see a prize-winning poster promoting young worker safety. 
For the month of May, Massachusetts Safe Jobs for Youth poster contest winner Elizabeth Trull’s art will remind thousands of young riders that their safety on the job matters. According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, there were nearly two emergency room visits by teens for every 100 full-time teen workers, a rate 42% higher than adult workers above the age of 25. Four industries accounted for more than 70% of work-related teen injuries and include: Accommodations and Food Service, Retail, Health Care and Social Assistance, and Construction.
Over 200 teens participated in the contest, and 61 youth served as judges, including peer leaders from MassCOSH’s Teens Lead @ Work program.
“The best part of this poster contest was being able to spread a message to teens like me, who usually don’t have a platform like this,” said 17-year-old Trull. “Safety is too important to ignore.”
The winning poster can be viewed by visiting