Providing Health and Safety Training for Workers Who Can’t Stay Home

March 23, 2020

Given repeated messages to work from home and to socially isolate, it may seem like hardly anyone is reporting to work. But that is not the case for thousands of workers, especially those who we are depending on to disinfect and clean areas people gather to reduce the spread of covid-19. Recently, MassCOSH was contacted by a representative from the Massachusetts Teachers Association who sought help for janitors from a Kingston school who were unsure of how to best clean school buildings while keeping themselves safe. Labor-Community Training Coordinator & Organizer Ben Weilerstein quickly organized a call with them to discuss best practices for safe cleaning and disinfecting when dealing with infectious diseases. Weilerstein also shared with them a MassCOSH created fact sheet about health and safety while cleaning, addressing the uncertainty these brave workers were facing while on the job.
MassCOSH is actively compiling vetted, labor-related factsheets, reports, and other materials on its website. You can view and share these documents by visiting We are also offering our expertise to create tailored infectious disease trainings for a variety of workers. If you are interested, please email