MassCOSH Distributes COVID-19 Rapid Tests and PPE

February 11, 2022

In January, the Boston Public Health Commission provided MassCOSH 180 at-home rapid tests to distribute to frontline workers to keep themselves and their families safe. On January 20, MassCOSH’s Worker Center staff and members helped distribute kits to working immigrant families that included the tests, N-95 masks, face shields, fact sheets on their rights during the pandemic, and disinfecting wipes. Some kits also included digital thermometers due to very limited availability.

TL@W also worked to distribute test kits and masks for young workers and their families and included information on how workers can attend MassCOSH’s recent town hall.

For those workers who unfortunately do test positive for COVID-19, MassCOSH breaks from the recommendations issued by the CDC and states that the individual should only return to work after seven days if they are symptom-free (not the CDC advised five) and test negative using a rapid test twice.