MassCOSH and the Future of Work

October 25, 2021

MassCOSH is very pleased to announce that our Director of Policy and Programs Al Vega has been appointed to the Future of Work Commission, tasked with helping prepare the Commonwealth for what the future may hold for workers as technology rapidly evolves.  

The 17-member commission was created by Governor Charlie Baker and has been asked to study major topics, including the impact of automation, artificial intelligence, global trade, access to new forms of data and the internet of things on workers, employers, and the economy. Regarding the latter topic, Vega will ensure that all workers, regardless of education or immigration status will have a voice in how the future of Massachusetts’s economy benefits everyone. 

MassCOSH is also proud of its new appointment to the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Labor Advisory Council to help inform the Attorney General on issues of worker health and safety, wage theft, and more.