Congratulations to Our Worker Center Leadership Training Graduates

September 16, 2021

MassCOSH is so incredibly proud of the Worker Center members who completed our month-long, comprehensive Leadership Training on how to organize for better working conditions. Our notable graduates include Adelaida C, Ana P, Edy M, Irma B, Idalia A, Ivett S, Jenny C, Laura O, Marina M, Maritza M, and Mayra M. 
These 11 workers are excited to bring their new skills to support projects and campaigns at their workplaces and communities to make Greater Boston a better place to live and work for all. Armed with information on the essential role immigrant workers play in this country, polished public speaking skills, and a powerful understanding of how to organize on the job, these graduates will play a critical role in increasing the power of low-income workers by sharing what they have learned with their coworkers and community members.  

The graduates are especially excited for the opportunity to appear on the Radio Jornalera MA radio program as official guests. They plan to use this exciting invitation to discuss MassCOSH, what they learned through their training, and help educate listeners on their rights as workers in Massachusetts.