Fact Sheets

If you are concerned about hazards in your workplace, the following are some steps you can take to protect your health and safety. Each step has links to fact sheets that will assist you.

Hazard Communication Standard Fact Sheet

This fact sheet was written by OSHA and modified by MassCOSH

Guidance for Emergency Medical Management of Electrical Injuries

 How to care for electrical shock emergencies.

Rights for Teen Workers

Resources for and about young workers

Organizing Health and Safety Committees

Setting up a union health and safety committee is important not only for addressing health and safety problems but as an effective organizing tool.

Temp and Contract Worker Rights

Under OSHA you have the same rights as permanent workers. This Fact Sheet explains your rights and who to contact if you have been assigned to a job where hazards may injure you or make you sick.

Health and Safety and the National Labor Relations Act

The National Labor Relations Act is the law that gives private sector workers legal rights to join unions and bargain collectively with their employer to negotiate improvements in workplace conditions, including health and safety conditions.

Organizing Fact Sheet

How to organize yourself to protect your rights for safe, healthy work.

Basic Worker's Rights

There are many laws that protect your rights when you work in the United States. It is important to know your rights so you can tell if your employer is following the law.

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